I have worked with Chantel in group settings and one on one. I always get overwhelmingly positive feedback from the group after their MBTI sessions with her. My individual coaching session was exactly what I needed to take control of my career. She provided me with clarity and helped me to pinpoint my challenges. Talking with her is easy and refreshing and her guidance helped me choose what I needed to do. I left with action items to take that have truly helped my professional life change for the better..
I'll admit, I did not have high hopes for counseling. Our relationship seemed so far gone. In fact, we'd already decided to separate. When we told Chantel, she said, "As long as you guys keep coming, I'm going to be an advocate for the relationship." I told her if she could get us to work, she must be a miracle worker. Well, I'm here to say, miracles do happen. Fast forward a few months, and we are stronger than ever. We came to recognize the missing piece in our puzzle and we work on it daily. Working with Chantel, we were able to move past all the hurt and pain and realize that although we may have been saying it differently, we really wanted the same thing. I've recommended so many people to Chantel. She has a unique ability to open doors between people that you may have thought were long closed. We are so grateful for what we've learned working with her and the life it's breathed into our marriage.
J. Harrison
A lot of us have anxiety and nervousness when it comes to interviewing, networking, and presenting ourselves professionally. Chantel reminds you that you are not alone in feeling this way, and helps you think of strategies to tackle these situations that focus on your strengths and being true to yourself. She has helped me polish my resume, improve my interviewing skills, and feel more comfortable in my own skin while presenting myself to others.
J. Angel


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