3 Communication Mistakes That May Be Affecting Your Relationship

Even if you and your partner are undeniably meant to be, your happiness can get lost in translation if you’re not communicating effectively. Sometimes, you may not even realize why you’ve been bickering so much, or you feel disconnected. Communication can be the cause of a lot of underlying problems in relationships. Think about it like this – two people can agree on something without even realizing because they’re communicating differently or their not listening to one another. Here are other ways communication can cause a disturbance in your relationship. Do you or your partner make any of these communication mistakes?

Withholding Expectations

Let’s say you and your partner are six months into your relationship, but he still hasn’t cooked for you or she still hasn’t given you a massage; have you mentioned it? Sometimes we have an idea of what we’d like from our partners, but it’s not on their radar as a desire of yours. That doesn’t make them a thoughtless partner; they just don’t know what all of your expectations are. It’s important for you to communicate this when you notice your relationship getting serious. You both can even make it fun. Plan a date where you lay out the most important things you want in a relationship and what will make you happy. Then discuss them. This can also help you both realize whether you’re truly compatible or not.

Lacking Empathy or Understanding

You and your partner aren’t always going to agree on everything. But coming to a place of understanding or peacefully agreeing to disagree can help to keep debates from turning into arguments. It’s also important to remember that your partner will unintentionally do or say things that you’re not happy with. But the keyword is unintentional. If your partner has done something that you don’t like, communicate your feelings, and give them the chance to explain themselves and apologize.

Exercising Passive Aggression

This can be a silent killer in your relationship. Passive aggression can cause a major disconnect between you and your partner because the problem at hand isn’t being addressed. The silent treatment, staying out late without notice, and refusing to do things that you usually do are all passive aggressive actions that can provoke your partner and drive you both further apart. Rather than retaliating through actions, talk to your partner about what’s bothering you instead. You can both talk through a solution and get back to building your connection.

Conflict resolution is all about your communication. Follow these rules to have better arguments that lead to you both making up the best way.

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