3 Steps to Connecting with Your Passion and Exercising Self-Care

We’re already starting to see blooming flowers and longer days to remind us that a new season has arrived. I love Spring because it always feels like a fresh start, even though we’re 3 months into the year. (Can you believe it?) This is the time where most of us start our Spring-cleaning lists to whip our home back into shape.

Last week I encouraged you to add your relationship to that list and shared the importance of checking in with your partner. This week, I’d like you to put your name on that list. It’s no secret that we often focus on taking care of business, family, friends, even strangers and forget to care for ourselves. If you’ve been following my Facebook page and keep up with my blog, you know I’m a strong advocate for self-care, which comes in various forms. From getting a manicure—that goes for the guys as well—to reading a good book, self-care is all about doing whatever it takes to make you happy.

Whether it’s your home or your soul, clutter can be chaotic and stressful. Just like your home, your body and mind needs to be revived and refreshed regularly in order for you to function as your best self.

Pamper Yourself

One of my greatest pet peeve phrases is, ‘be a little selfish.’ The sad reality is for generations our society associates self-care with selfishness. Going for monthly massages is often viewed as an anomaly. This is one of the core reasons why we often neglect ourselves—the guilt doesn’t feel so good. It’s okay to pamper yourself in any way you’d like; it doesn’t always have to be a spa day or a guys/girls night. Take yourself on a date, travel, go to the movies or check something off your bucket list. It can even be as simple as vowing to not take work home.

Get out of Your Rut

No judging, just nudging you a little—sometimes doing what you love to do takes some hard work. Responsibilities can often get in the ways of our passion and hold us back from the things we used to enjoy. I get it, you have to work, take care of the kids, make time for your spouse and sometimes you get tired. But you also have to fit yourself into your schedule. Set an hour aside to start writing and reading again, take an art class, go out and meet new people. Rekindle the fire with an old passion and stick with it.

Examine Your Healthy Lifestyle Regimen

Regular exercise not only takes care of your mind but your body as well. You don’t have to commit to five times a week if you’re just getting started. Try working out three times a week from home to start yourself and gradually intensify your workouts until you’re ready to graduate to the gym or even a personal trainer. Let’s not forget about your diet as well. Healthy eating is essential for your mental and even emotional state. Incorporate energy-boosting foods to increase your productivity and daily mood.

Incorporate positive affirmations in your personal Spring-cleaning regimen to help you commit to these self-care tips.


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