6 Low-Key Spring Date Ideas That Increase Conversation and Connection

Can you feel it? The soft kiss of the sun, the light refreshing breeze, the warmth in the air? Spring has arrived, and I am so excited because it’s the season for couples! There’s something about spring that makes you feel like love is truly floating around in the air. Suddenly, there’s an extra pep in your step, you wake up with a happy-go-lucky tune in your head, and you can’t keep your eyes or hands off your partner. Welcome the love of spring with these romantic date night ideas to keep your connection strong and love alive.

Enjoy Lunch on the Patio

Dinner dates are typical, but what about lunch? Make the most of the day while the sun is out and grab lunch with your partner. Choose a restaurant with patio or rooftop seating and enjoy your meal with a side of fresh air. For a more intimate setting, make a luxe lunch together, and enjoy it on your patio at home. Spoil yourselves a bit – go for lobster sandwiches and a kale salad.

Watch the Rain

You may never have considered April showers as a good thing, but hear me out. Grab a front-row view on your porch or take a seat by the window, and watch the rain pour. Open a bottle of wine, and let the conversation flow. The sound of the rain is so soothing, you both may just want to relax and embrace each other for an hour or two.

Take a Paddleboat Ride

These are so romantic and such a fun experience for you and your partner. Bring your favorite romantic comedy to life, rent a paddle boat, and take it the scenery of the park or lake you’re on.

Go on a Play Date

Don’t worry; your toddlers won’t be involved with this playdate. Plan to play on your next date – it can be anything, just make sure you’re both enjoying the spring weather. Play cornhole, bring board games to the park, attend your local Spring Festival and try your hand at all the traditional games. Want to take the fun to the next level? Keep score and determine a prize for the winner when the date is over.

See a Movie in the Park

Many cities are setting up big screens in parks and mall parking lots. Grab a blanket and pack up the cooler and enjoy an evening watching one of your favorite flicks outside. If you’re in the mood for a private alternative, set up your own private screening in your backyard.

Go for Ice Cream

Let’s take it back to high school and college days when you really wanted to spend time with your crush, but all you had was $5. But weren’t those dates the best? Walking down the street, talking, and indulging in your favorite flavors – it takes you back to the simple days. You’ll be surprised what new things you learn about each other within that hour.

I usually find that once connection starts to fizzle out, intimacy isn’t far behind. Use these 6 tips to make sure that doesn’t happen in your relationship.

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