Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the Gold Standard for helping couples in distress. EFT boasts 70% to 75% improvement rate:

  • Stop destructive arguments
  • Modify dysfunctional behavior
  • Decrease emotional avoidance
  • Improve communication and emotional responsiveness
  • Promote strengths in the relationship
  • Identify destructive patterns in the relationship


Helping you heal, helping you grow through one on one therapeutic sessions:

  • Look into underlying issues
  • Target stressors/past and present traumas
  • Change unhealthy behaviors
  • Identify the beliefs that hold you back
  • Change limiting thoughts and self-talk
  • Identify your strengths
  • Adjust unhealthy patterns of communication
  • Review medication
  • Learn mindfulness techniques



Our experts use the most effective techniques and best in class methods in order to increase the positive results of counseling and coaching.

  • Mindfulness and Counseling
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)
  • Anger Management
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
  • Individual, Couples & Family Therapy
  • Life & Career Coaching
  • Same Sex Couples Counseling
  • Medication consultation
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