Deep Love and Intimacy: A Program for Couples

We can help you have the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted! Rekindle the chemistry, the loving care and the respect you had for each other when you first met. Imagine feeling fully supported and loved in your relationship – a relationship that enhances your whole life. Our trained professionals have years of experience helping couples get past infidelity, emotional grudges, and painful arguments. It’s virtually impossible to heal your relationship yourselves. Our therapists provide the critical perspective that only someone outside your relationship can give you.

The Deep Love and Intimacy Program Includes:

Couples Deep Love Coaching Sessions:

These 60-minute sessions provide a targeted approach to repairing and improving YOUR relationship. Using the proven method of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), we identify and fix painful communication patterns, and heal the wounds of infidelity, trauma, and emotional injury due to lack of forgiveness that have cost you the closeness and loving intimacy that you want. Many couples see a marked improvement in their relationship within 2 sessions.

Lasting Love Assessment and Marriage Plan:

This tool identifies nine areas that affect your compatibility: communication, sexual expectations, financial management, spiritual beliefs, conflict resolution, leisure activities, family and friends, relationship roles, and personal habits. The assessment includes a 10-page report and two 90-minute feedback sessions, during which you set expectations and design a marriage plan. You no longer have to worry that you and your partner are not on the same page, or feel that sense of dread when discussing finances. The assessment aligns you and your partner’s expectations for a long-lasting, loving relationship.

Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop:

This two-day, weekend workshop turbo-charges the tools and techniques you and your partner learn in your couples coaching. The program provides a map and a compass for creating a deep, life-and-love-affirming connection.

Monthly Love Skills Review:

These monthly 30-minute couples sessions provide you with ongoing support and practical skills to keep you on track. Use this time with your coach to celebrate success and focus on areas for improvement.

A Personalized Referral for the Transcendental Meditation® Course::

As part of your participation in our Couples Program you'll receive a personalized referral to a certified Transcendental Meditation (TM) teacher. Why do we refer our clients to Transcendental Meditation? The TM technique reduces the impact of everyday stress and calms emotions, so you get maximum benefits from your couples work. Transcendental Meditation is scientifically proven to eliminate deep-seated stress and tension, and boost energy, clarity, happiness, and health from just two daily sessions of 20 minutes each. No change in your lifestyle or beliefs is required. (CWC Coaching & Therapy does not receive any fees for referring our clients to TM.)

*Certified Hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy helps you change the inner dialogue of your subconscious mind. Hypnosis creates subconscious change in order to form new responses, thoughts, habits, behaviors and feelings. This is an opportunity for both people in the couple to work on issues that may be impacting their relationship, either together or separately.

*Certified Sex Therapy:

Sex therapy helps you and your partner talk about sex. Take a deep dive into your sexual relationship by using this talk therapy method. Improve your sexual intimacy through the exploration of your sexual relationship in order to target areas for improvement to enhance your intimacy IQ.

*Individual Therapy:

Individual therapy helps one or both people in the relationship process issues that are causing personal distress and are better suited for individual, one-on-one sessions.

* Couples get a total of six 50-minute therapy sessions to be used according to their needs. They can use these 6 sessions for sex therapy, hypnotherapy or individual therapy sessions.