Dealing with COVID-19: How to keep you and your family’s mental health intact.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus disease can be a very stressful time for people. The distancing of oneself from the people, places, and activities that you once participated in can result in feeling helpless, lonely, and uncertain about the future, which can lead to frustration, fear, and anxiety. This can affect anyone from children to the elderly.

Humans thrive off of a sense of community and connection. During this time of self quarantining, be sure to keep in touch with your friends not just through text but via phone and video calls. If you have children, allow them to keep in touch with their friends via phone and video also.

Humans also need to feel productive. Create projects for you, your children, and elderly parents. Exercise, participate in interactive videos, and play games to keep your mind active. Though this isn’t the ideal situation, you could use this time to bond with your family.

Also, remember to maintain a normal schedule. Keep your days structured by maintaining your regular sleep schedule and mealtime. This will keep stability in your home and make your children feel safe. Keeping a similar schedule as before can also help to reduce the stress that can come from the inevitable… going back to work and school.

Watching & reading about the coronavirus can be upsetting. Be sure to take breaks from watching, reading, and hearing these news stories. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to turn off or put away the phone/radio/newspaper/ television, try taking deep breaths, & go do an activity that you enjoy.

Misinformation can lead to unnecessary panic. Get your instructions and news updates from trusted, reliable sources

Remember that children often react to what they see from the adults around them. One of the best ways to provide support for your children is by dealing with everything calmly, confidently, and being well-prepared.

Keep your body and mind protected.

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