Ideas/activities to do while social distancing

For the past month, you may have found yourself with a lot of time on your hands and you may be struggling to figure out how to keep yourself occupied. Whether you’re home alone or with family, these ideas listed below are sure to keep your mind stimulated, your creative juices flowing, and home clean. 

Spring Cleaning

It’s springtime and it can’t hurt to start some spring cleaning!  Start by tackling one room at a time. It’s less overwhelming that way. You can do smaller projects such as cleaning out your bedside drawers, medium-sized projects such as cleaning under your bed or cupboards, or bigger projects such as cleaning your basement. This doesn’t have to feel like a chore and you don’t even have to rush. Take your time, turn on your favorite songs, and enjoy cleaning.

Organize Your Tech

You don’t have to stop at organizing your home. You can organize your tech also by tidying up your computer or phone’s hardware space. Get rid of old programs that you no longer use & back up and delete old photos you don’t need.

Watch a Documentary on Something You Know Nothing About

Documentaries can change one’s perspective on life by giving you insight into people, cultures, and places that you’d otherwise have very limited exposure to. Not only are documentaries informative, but they can also be very inspiring.

Take a Free Course

There are so many free courses online. What better time to take advantage of them? Just pick a topic you’ve always been interested in learning/perfecting. There are courses on learning a new language, learning how to cook a new dish, learning social media marketing, learning photography skills, and even learning about business and entrepreneurship. The possibilities of courses you can find online are endless!

Create A Vision Board

A vision board is a collage of images, words, and affirmations of one’s dreams, hopes, and desires. The purpose of it is to inspire and motivate you whenever you see it. Visualization can improve motivation and concentration. Vision boards exercise your creativity and clarify your vision because you have to put something down. This can be a fun project to do with your family at home. You can even create a vision board party. Or if you live alone, you can video chat some friends and have a virtual vision board party! This leads to the next point…

Video Chat Friends/family

While video chats aren’t the same as actually seeing loved ones in person, they’re the next best thing.  Don’t only call your close friends. Check up on your elderly loved ones and those aunts and cousins you’ve been meaning to call.

There might be some things we’ve put off for the past few months due to being busy, but now is the perfect time to finally complete that checklist of things we’ve been meaning to do.  Now is the best time to become more productive while practicing social distancing at home!

Stay safe and have fun!

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