Maintaining Your Love Life, When You’re Too Busy.

” Everyone wants to get in 30 or 40 hours. When you try to do something like this, you have to cut corners. When you cut corners, the quality of the product goes down. It might be your work, your sleep, or your love life, but something has to give in order to make room for more. “-

Today, many people wear ‘busyness’ as a badge of honor. Being busy is equated to being of higher value, and therefore, more important. Being the champion at work and with the children is very rewarding, but if you are not careful, these things can take a toll on you and your love life. Having regular sex with your partner has it’s benefits. Studies found having more sex can increase relationship satisfaction and as a bonus? lead to better career success. According to new findings, in the Journal of Management, having sex can improve your performance and satisfaction at work.

Let’s explore ways to keep your sex life interesting, even when you’re busy.

Plan It!

If you are too busy for ‘spontaneous’ sex, plan it! Planning will not diminish the quality of sex, Many busy couples swear by it. Sex must not always happen by chance, Scheduling sex is a team effort and a commitment to connecting with your partner on a regular basis.

Set The Mood

Want to have great sex in the evening? make her breakfast in the morning, rub his back when he wakes up. Set the mood, in order to let your partner know that you care. Hold hands during the day, wear his favorite perfume, buy her favorite bottle of wine. Set the tone in the beginning, and it will become second nature, overtime. Romantic gestures should come from both parties–team effort!


Talk to your partner about your sexual expectations, Make sure your communication is open, tactful and sensitive. Talk about things you’d like to try and be open minded. Communication is what makes great sex. Remember, it may not be perfect the first time, but overtime, you will learn to listen to each other’s bodies. Talk about your sensual thoughts and fantasies-do it as often as possible!

Check on Your Partner’s Emotional State

A great sexual relationship is built on emotional intimacy and closeness “When couples don’t see eye to eye about their sex life, it can lead to problems. It’s important to talk about any disconnect, and whether you both want to make creating sexual passion a priority.
.” -Best Health

If you have not had sex in a while, it may be time to examine your and your partner’s emotional state. Holding resentment, anxiety, excess stress or generational hurt? Communicate openly, calmly and clearly about this. If you can’t effectively communicate with your partner, seek professional help.

Don’t Let ‘Being Tired’ Get in the Way

“Hunger will be woken up by seeing a lovely meal spread out before you,” Couples often find that their desire for sex increases, as they begin foreplay. Even if you are not in the mood, start with a gentle caress in his favorite spot and watch what happens.

Finally, relationships are all created differently. Whether you’re having hot and heavy sex once a week, or once every three months, all that matters is your mental health and your happiness.

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