Making Affirmations Work for You

Do affirmations really work? Many people ask  this is the question. It may seem unrealistic to constantly speak as though something has already happened, but that’s what makes affirmations so great!

Positive affirmations encourage us to envision the reality we want for ourselves. It helps to attract our desires in life. When we think and speak positively, we feel better. 

Affirmations should always be formed in positive statements. Rather than saying I don’t desire to eat fast foods and drink soda, you can say, “I eat a healthy diet that makes me feel good.”

When saying your affirmations, start them off with “I” to make them identity statements, which motivate you to make that change. We’ve all heard ‘you are what you eat,’ but you’re also what you speak. Affirmations like, “I am confident,” “I am beautiful,” and “I enjoy exercise,” help to condition your mind and attitude into believing your positive statements, despite what anyone else has to say.

Write your affirmations as if they are in the present, rather than the past or future. Instead of saying, “I will be healthy and happy when I start eating better,” rephrase it to say, “I am healthy and happy.” The first statement could actually enable you to delay your healthy eating plan. It may feel silly to say something that you don’t believe is true, but remember, these affirmations work as fuel for your action.

In order for your affirmations to work, they must be done at least once a day. With the hustle and bustle of work, traffic and children, it can be hard to forget about your positive phrases. Work it into your daily routine by saying them in the morning while you’re getting ready for work and at night when you’re preparing for bed. You can also leave notes in visible areas like your mirror, computer or fridge.

Remember, affirmations work when you do.

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