8 Reasons Everything Will Be Okay

Tomorrow is a new day.
You don’t have to bring the baggage of yesterday into tomorrow. Whatever happened, you can choose to start fresh, let it go and move forward, and be free of the pain of the past. You can decide, right now, to change your life.

You have the internet!
If you’re reading this, you currently have internet access. You can use the internet to connect with others like you, to watch funny videos that lighten your mood, and to get help with whatever trouble you might be facing.

You know where your next meal is coming from
…but even if you don’t, there are many resources available to help those experiencing food insecurity.

Better days are coming
You may have had a bad day, a rough week, or even a depressing month, but remember that not every day has felt this bad and know that not every day will feel this bad. Better days are coming.

You can read.
Reading is something many people take for granted. You’ve probably known how to read for as long as you can remember, but imagine seeing this blog post and not knowing how to read it. Imagine not being able to read the words online or the words on those billboards you frequently past by on your way home. Not every adult in the world is literate or even has the resources to learn. You have the ability to read, process what you’ve read, learn, and to grow into anything you desire.

There’s Help
Whatever you may be going through, there are dedicated, caring professionals that have spent years developing their skills and gifts just to help you. If someone can help should never be the question. The question should be about where you can find help.

You are not alone.
Your situation may feel unique. You may feel all alone, misunderstood, or distant from the world, but whatever you’re currently facing, there are other people in the world that have faced the same thing or are currently facing it. There are so many online and in-person communities such as group therapy, Facebook groups, outreach groups…etc. that are set up specifically for people in your current situation. These sorts of groups are for you. Don’t be afraid to share your story. There’s a community out there specifically for you.

Everything will be okay. That doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days and it doesn’t mean everything will go as planned, but just as you have in the past, you will continue to learn, you will continue to adapt, and you will continue being strong and smart. In fact, the more challenges you face and overcome, the smarter and stronger you will be for the next phase of your life.

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