Self-Love -pt 1

Self-love is critical for genuine happiness. People sometimes think of “on-the-surface” things when the word “self-love” comes to mind… things that involve caring for one’s physical appearance. While up-keeping your physical appearance is a part of self-love, it’s much deeper than that. To learn to truly love yourself, you have to look introspectively and dig deeper.

Accepting What Is

No matter what your current situation is, accept it. Accepting where you are in life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to make things in your life better, but accepting will make you stop dwelling on the past & stressing about the future, and begin focusing your energy on the present. This will bring peace of mind, which makes for a better you.

Making Yourself Your Number A Priority

When you care about someone, it’s easy to put their needs before yours. While it’s not a bad thing to care about the desires and feelings of your loved ones, also remember what you need and how you feel. Before you immediately jump to making someone else comfortable, first consider how doing so makes you feel. If someone is constantly saying or doing something that hurts you, drains you, or makes you feel any negative emotion, it’s your job to allow it no more. Make your feelings a priority. If you constantly disregard your feelings and needs, and if you constantly put the desires of others before yours, you could eventually become drained. If you’re drained, you can’t be the best version of yourself and you won’t have anything to give yourself or others. This is why it’s so important to put yourself first and take a break to recharge.  

Stop Criticizing Yourself

Many people are too harsh on themselves about the smallest shortcomings. People beat themselves up in their own head for their appearances, mistakes on the job, in relationships..etc.  Remember that whatever you constantly tell yourself becomes your reality. If you say to yourself how fat, stupid, ugly, or unworthy you are, it becomes your truth and you begin to live and respond to the world as that (fat, stupid, ugly, or unworthy) person. Remember that nobody is perfect and everyone has fallen short of a goal. Be easy on yourself and give yourself grace and love.

Next week, we will continue the topic of self-love. Remember that no one can love you the way you can love yourself. You have so much love & compassion inside of yourself. Be sure to give some to yourself. 

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