What to Do If You’re Starting to Feel You’ll Be Single Forever

Dating. The popular consensus is that it’s no walk in the park. Sure, I’m out of the dating game, but I have a lot of single clients that keep me in the know. “It’s a time-waster.” “I’m tired of pretending to have a good time.” “She seemed really cool at first.” “He only had one thing on his mind.” I hear it all. But the one thing that really gets me is what comes after that long deep sigh. “I think I’m going to be single forever.”

You thought you were the only one huh? No. There are plenty of men and women who desire a partner that will love and respect them, but they just haven’t made it past date three. They haven’t found that connection yet. There are no commonalities, and the values don’t line up. It’s natural to start asking yourself, “Will I ever find someone?” But when that question arises, there are other things to focus on that will put your mind at ease.

You’re Not the Problem

There actually may not be a problem. Sure you may have things you need to work on, but so does everyone else. Just be open to the feedback your loved ones and therapist provide, and focus on working on yourself. You may just need to switch up your dating tactics or consider the time of women or men you’re attracting. But every time you get the slightest inkling that you’re single because something is wrong with you, try to remember, it’s not you—it’s life.

Work On Your Relationship With Yourself

This is a good time to really love on yourself and treat yourself the way you’d like your partner to treat you. Do you want date nights and fresh flowers delivered? Treat yourself to a nice restaurant or a massage every once in a while and fill your home with your favorite arrangement of flowers. Focus on improving your flaws and figuring out your passions. Use this time to enjoy your friends, travel, and be your best self. Knowing yourself can help to prevent you from losing yourself when you do enter a relationship.

Call Off Your ‘Love Hunt’

Don’t force it. If you’re not feeling him, he’s not the one for you. And if something seems off about her, your gut instinct is telling you to let it go. Waiting for real love is worth the wait. There is so much hassle in going against your better judgment and “trying to make it work” with someone who isn’t the right person for you. That’s something many people tell themselves when their longing for a relationship grows so intense, that they’re willing to risk their heart with anyone. If you’ve been dating non-stop and you feel like you need a break, give yourself a break. You never know what can happen when you take the pressure off.

Don’t Give Up

Now, just because you take a break, doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of you finding your special someone. He/she is coming. I can’t tell you who or when, but someone is out there for you. You just need to believe that your one will come. Putting that positive energy out there and truly believing it will help it manifest.

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