Why it’s Time to See a Therapist (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With You)

When people hear wellness, most minds directly think about physicals, healthy diets and exercise. And while it’s important to maintain all of these aspects of your health, we often forget about our mental health. But it’s not your fault.

Society plays a major role in how we view mental health. Therapy is often seen as extravagant or extreme; you’re either rich or ‘unstable’ before it becomes acceptable. This is simply not true.

I have to say that I am so proud that more people are becoming more open-minded and accepting of therapy as a healing process. But our work isn’t nearly over. August is National Wellness Month, which reminds us to focus on self-care, reducing stress and incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle.

One of those healthy habits could be therapy, but here’s how you really know it’s time to start looking.

Your Bad Days are Now Weeks

We all have the occasional bad day but when they turn into weeks and months, it might be time to talk to a mental health professional. A lot of us have various ways of dealing with hardship or just feel emotionally drained. But sometimes, that period doesn’t go away with a night out with friends or your favorite music. Sometimes we dwell in that sad state which can transform into depression. Before it gets to this stage, it’s important to speak to a therapist who can help you understand why you feel like you can’t escape this emotional state.

You Feel Like the Stress is Overwhelming

If your stress feels like it’s suffocating you to the point where it’s paralyzing, it’s time to start talking. Sometimes you need a little guidance when it comes to managing stress, and help to figure out why you don’t feel in control. Maybe you feel like you can’t say “no,” you’re afraid of being judged, or you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve perfectionism. Either way, it will help to talk to a professional and understand where these overwhelming feelings derive from.

You Feel Trapped in an Unhealthy Relationship

This could be any type of relationship: romantic, friendship, family, professional. If you are constantly hurt by and hurting someone in a relationship—whether physically, emotionally or mentally—you’re in a toxic relationship. And if you feel glued to this situation and find it hard to leave or stay away from this person, you and the other person can benefit from therapy. Now, your mind is probably going to the extreme, but the situation doesn’t have to be. We sometimes have a habit of making our problems smaller than it actually is. Sometimes it’s what we were taught and other times it serves as a coping mechanism that justifies the unhealthy relationship. If you feel constantly taken advantage of, mistreated, or misunderstood, it could be time to consider seeking outside help.

You’re You

Let me start by saying this, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you if you see a therapist. Sure we all have our problems and habits, but that doesn’t label you as a bad person, crazy or any other names often placed on therapy-goers.

None of us are perfect. Therapy is a way to take a closer look at the more prominent imperfections and start the healing process. It helps you become a better healthier you and it’s an act of self-care. Deciding to go to therapy, is saying, “I want to be better for myself and my loved ones.” So even if you don’t think you’re dealing with depression or anxiety, or you don’t have problems getting over exes, you could still unearth a lot of things about yourself that you were unaware of.

Just start talking to start healing.

To become a happier person, infuse these actions into your daily lifestyle.


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