Why People Don’t Forgive

Letting go of the pain that someone caused you is not always easy, but it is possible. Many people seek to hurt the person that caused them pain, but that won’t make the pain won’t go away.

Identify your reason for not wanting to forgive. Ask yourself why it’s so hard to forgive that person.

The fear of disappointment can hinder us from forgiving and becoming vulnerable again, but keep in mind that if you choose to never again trust the other person, the relationship could be stagnant and eventually end.
If you are working to rebuild trust, remain open and honest about your needs, expectations, and feelings of doubt.

When you are hurt, you have a right to feel angry, but remember that holding on to negative emotions long term can withhold your happiness and your ability to reason.
Holding on to grudges can be another tactic to hurt someone the way they hurt you, but grudges can hurt you just as much-especially if you’re connected to the other person.

Choosing to stay in the relationship doesn’t mean you’ve forgiven them and forgiving them doesn’t mean you have to stay. Whatever you decide, let it be the best choice for you- and remember to let it go…because forgiveness is essential for your happiness. Forgive and release yourself from the rage and pain. Not just for your loved ones, but also for you.

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