Your Relationship and Your Finances| Having the Talk

Aaahh, new love and sweet bliss– It’s as if you’re in paradise, or on a soft cloud. You’re feeling blissful and you’re putting off the serious and much needed discussions about your finances and your dreaded student loan debt.

Having certain discussions with your significant other, can make you feel as if someone just blew your cloud away.

Sometimes, conversations about finances can make people feel uncomfortable. If you are in a serious relationship, however, discussing finances for the future, past and present, is a must.
How do you start such an uncomfortable, dreaded conversation, anyway? and what do you say? What information is necessary and unnecessary to give? this can all be so overwhelming!

Don’t worry, by the time you’ve finished reading this, you should feel more comfortable and confident about discussing your finances with your partner.

First, you must be open and honest about your financial situation.  Planning your future,n together, will be even more challenging than it has to be, if you and your partner don’t know or understand one another’s respective financial situations and financial goals.

Take time to go over the basics such as your gross income, your student loans, credit cards, and any other debt. Go over how much you spend and how much you save. Inform your significant other  of your budget (or if you budget at all). Financial sharing  should be reciprocated from your partner also.

It’s common to feel insecure about your financial situation and yes, discussing it with your partner  forces you to deal with the reality of your serious situation, but please keep in mind that you owe it to your partner to be honest (and vice versa!). It’s easier to be open and honest early. Figure out a financial plan early, and you’ll easily whether future financial storms. Don’t wait until your financial situation is seemingly unmanageable).

You do not need to be perfect, but you do need to be honest and on the same page. Be open to working through money issues as a couple. Discussing finance in your relationship doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be an opportunity to strengthen your relationship, and possibly overcome an obstacle, Be open, be honest and prepare for your future.

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