4 Daily Habits to Help You Create Your Own Happiness

You are in charge of your own happiness.

Friendships, relationships and money can add to your happiness, but they aren’t meant to be your main source of happiness. The decisions we make are what impact how happy we truly feel. This is why I wouldn’t recommend getting involved in a romantic relationship because you’re lonely, or staying in a toxic friendship because you don’t feel like there’s anyone else who you can connect with.

When you seek happiness from outside sources, you are unfortunately setting yourself up for more pain and disappointment. True happiness comes from security within ourselves. Getting to know yourself, your passions, what you like, what you don’t like can help you make better decisions to be happier in life.

Here are a few daily changes you can make to help your journey to happiness.

Meditate and Exercise

You can do them both on the same day or interchange them throughout your week, but these two can create serious superpowers when it comes to your mood. Researchers have actually found that mediation and exercise combined can reduce depression. They both help our brains release neurons that keep our minds active. Exercise also increases our endorphin levels—the feel-good hormone—while mediation can help us make a shift towards more positive thinking.

Listen and Communicate Effectively

These actions alone can reduce tension. Being a better communicator and taking the time to understand the viewpoints and feelings of others can build strong relationships. Over time this reduces miscommunication and avoids unnecessary conflict, which lessens the stress in your life. And if you feel an argument coming along, take down the defenses and be mindful of one another’s feelings. Listen to understand and resolve, rather than listening to provide your comebacks to their point.

Take Care of Yourself

The key to this is making time. Even if you start by finding ten minutes in the day to do something for you, start. Self-care isn’t a time waster, it can actually make you more productive. When you’re stressed out and frazzled, your productivity decreases, even if you don’t realize it. Recharge your mind and body by relaxing, taking your mind off of work, getting alone time from your family—do anything that can help you feel like you again.

Set a Time to Ditch Social Media

The best time to do this is an hour or two before bed. Social media is filtered with perfectionism that doesn’t always seem achievable in the real world. This digital world can have a major impact on the confidence, self-esteem and self-worth of some people. It’s not about being shallow, but it’s just how the human brain and emotions work. We see bloggers, celebrities and even friends posting the very best highlights of their lives and the best angles of their bodies, and it can make some people feel insecure. There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back to reflect on the good in your life and to remind yourself that Instagram doesn’t always reflect reality.

Forgiving yourself can also help you become a happier person. Here’s why you should and how you can do it successfully.


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