5 Playful Relationship Questions That Reveal a lot About Your Partner

Whether you’re newly dating or you’re going on ten years, learning new things about your partner is one of the most exciting advantages of growing with someone. Hearing the childhood stories, discovering the weird eating quirks she has and finding out that he shares your love of action movies make up some of the best times you have as a couple.

These discoveries are not just silly experiences you have to pass the time away. They are bonding moments that help you both get to know one another. They are also stepping stones for deeper conversations and can help you understand one another even better.

Here are some of my favorite light-hearted questions and what they can help you learn about your partner.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

This question will give you a sense of your partner’s happy place and gives you some insight into their past and how they grew up. And if they talk about holidays or celebrations, it tells you about the traditions that they value.

‘Rachel and Ross’ or ‘Monica and Chandler’?

This is a playful question to get them to open up about what type of shows they’re into. If they can answer instantly, you know they’re a huge Friends fan and if they’re confused, you can dive into what shows they actually do watch. Just don’t forget to ask why they’ve deprived themselves of the awesomeness of Friends their entire life. For those who can answer the question, the choice they make can also reveal what they admire in a relationship. If they’re into Rachel and Ross, they may enjoy a challenge, while if they choose Monica and Chandler, they could really value embracing silliness in a relationship.

What are your top bucket list items?

This can reveal their goals and visions, without you having to ask the standard interview question we all hear; “where do you see yourself in 10 years.” It’s also a fun, natural way to find out what your partner is currently into and what he/she would like to improve on in the future.

What is a good decision that you made or wanted to make that many people were against?

Grab some popcorn because this is your chance to hear a good story about your partner. It will reveal a lot about their decision-making skills and their thought process in a difficult situation. You’ll see what types of things are important to them. It also shows you their level of courageousness, whether they did what they desired or listened to others around them.

Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

I’ve noticed that many people who prefer dark chocolate tend to be more adventurous when it comes to food. They tend to enjoy more ethnic foods and are willing to try new dishes, while milk chocolate lovers are a bit safer in their food preferences. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There are some people who enjoy it all. This question can reveal whether your partner likes salty, sweet or bitter tastes, and also opens up the conversation for what type of foods they would be willing to try in the future.

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