Affordable & Cozy Date Night Ideas That Don’t Involve Dinner and a Movie

Who doesn’t love the classic dinner and a movie date night? But when it becomes your go-to spot for spending a romantic evening together, it can get boring. Last week I took date night outdoors and gave you some ideas to help get you out of that rut. Don’t worry, you nor your partner have to be nature-lovers to enjoy these simple adventures.

This week, we’re keeping the love indoors, and none of these ideas include a big screen.


Volunteer work not only helps other people and our environment, but it helps you as well. Performing these acts of kindness can boost your self-esteem and your mood when you’re proud of the work you’re doing for others. Share this experience with your partner by taking a day to lend your hand to a mission that you’re passionate about.

Try a New Restaurant Every Month

Okay, this idea does involve dinner, but it will still take you out of your comfort zone. Make a promise to one another that you will visit at least one new restaurant every month. Alternate who makes the pick every month so you’re both trying something you think you’ll enjoy. But don’t shy away from cuisines you’re not familiar with—you never know what may excite your taste buds. Experiencing something new with your partner, even if it is a simple meal can be an adventure for the both of you. You’ll always have those memories of the amazing meals you enjoyed and can laugh at the terrible ones as well.

Do a Blind Taste Test

This is an exciting date night you can enjoy without stepping outside of your home. If you have kids, arrange a sleepover with their friends or call in a favor from the grandparents. Both of you will bring a selection of foods that you consider sexy. Then take turns blindfolding and feeding each other. You can keep it simple with fruits, snacks and pre-made foods so you can skip the prep work and head straight to the fun. Aphrodisiacs are strongly encouraged!

Play Hooky

Make it spontaneous—no planning allowed! Call out sick on a random Tuesday and enjoy the day with one another. You can curl up on the couch with one another and enjoy a comfy day in with board games, movies and junk food. Or you can go out on an adventure to another city. This idea is especially good for periods when you both get really busy due to work, kids, and well…life. Make your relationship a priority and press pause on life’s responsibilities—one day won’t hurt.

Include your relationship in your Spring-cleaning spree. Here’s how you can make sure your partner is really happy.


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