Can Traveling With Your Partner Really End Your Relationship: Part I

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent with youuuu!
How do you like my remix of Vacation by The Gogos?

Now that we’ve entered Spring and headed for Summer, sipping mimosas poolside is pretty much what many of us are dreaming about every day. And if you’re in a relationship, you can’t at for the couple’s massages, splash fights in the ocean and romantic sunset dinners. It’s a pretty picture, right? Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of traveling with your significant other (SO).

Whether you’ve been together for a few months or a few years, traveling together is a big step in your relationship. Sure you may have spent a couple of nights over at his/her place, but traveling together is a whole other ballpark. From the packing process to the adventure aspect, traveling will reveal a lot you didn’t know about your partner. And this is why I encourage it—when it feels right for your relationship that is. Here are 3 major things you can learn about your SO during your first baecation.

Take a Peak at Their Preparation

Despite the number of times I’ve traveled, preparing for a trip always takes time and patience. This is a time to pay attention to how your SO handles saving, planning and packing for your vacation. It could reveal how organized he/she is in their personal life. Did they drop the ball completely? Was it a struggle that he/she is open to working on? Or are they an organizational guru? Although you’re paying attention to these details, it isn’t necessarily grounds for a breakup. Everyone’s situation and experiences are different, so I’d recommend taking this into consideration and talking about it if it worries you.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

You’re not on his turf or your own anymore, so this is a chance to see an even more organic side to one another. In the case that something goes wrong, (there’s a 99.9% chance of this) you get to see how one another reacts in—what may seem like—a high-intensity moment at the time. Either one/both of you will completely freak out, or you can work together to get out of whatever bind you’re in. Luggage getting lost or maps being misplaced can be annoying obstacles. But working together to get over these bumps can increase your connection and bring you closer to one another.

See Their True Personality

Long flights, layovers and road trips can make traveling exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely worth the trek, especially when you get a glimpse of your partner’s true personality. Take notice of interactions with flight attendants, other passengers, and hotel staff. Are they overly crabby and cranky, or are they the same polite, respectful person you’ve always known?

This is not an opportunity to test your partner, but rather an exciting time to get to know one another better. You’ll have a hard time enjoying your time away if you’re too focused on how every move they make. Focus on the fun, go with the flow and your compatibility will reveal itself.

Here’s what I tell clients who want aren’t sure if their partner is truly happy in their relationship.


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