Falling in Love With Your Partner Again-PT 2

Perhaps you would like to rekindle your relationship. Perhaps you’ve lost the spark, or perhaps you no longer feel as in love as you once did. Last week, we began the topic of falling in love again with your partner and regaining that special spark. This week, we’re continuing the topic and focusing on more ways to fall in love with your partner again and to rekindle your relationship.   

Physical Affection

When constantly busy, stressed, or distant from your partner, it’s easy to become less physical. You must, however, make a conscious effort to not forget, postpone, or just downright avoid physical affection. Physical affection is an expression of love that can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Physical affection can release oxytocin and dopamine. This hormone and this neurotransmitter are responsible for feeling closer to your partner, for building trust, and happiness.

Be Attentive

No one likes to feel ignored. Unfortunately, many of our partners feel this way. It isn’t always intentional and with many other distractions in life, it can happen so easily. Not to mention, if you’re already frustrated with your partner, it’s easy to not pay attention to them. Make a point of slowing down and being more attentive. Look directly in your partner’s eyes when they’re speaking, put away electronic gadgets sometimes, and listen without interrupting or planning your next response. Your partner’s facial expressions, gestures, and body language could all be missed with your head down on your phone.  As much as possible, be attentive to your partner’s nonverbal communication also.

Quality Time

Spending quality time with your partner is very valuable. Many couples don’t recognize that dedicating time to one another can nurture relationships by building intimacy, opening up the line of communication and strengthening bonds. Schedule date nights and alone time in your calendar. Take turns planning them with your partner and be sure to plan dates that you’d both enjoy.  When conversing with one another during this alone time, stick to light, friendly topics, such as new hobbies & interests. Save talking about kids, bills, and relationship issues for another non-date night. Sometimes, date night might not seem feasible due to finances, scheduling, & other responsibilities. Remember that you can have a date night anywhere. You can bring a romantic night right to your home with dinner and a movie.

Stay Committed

Commitment is one of the foundations of serious relationships. If the relationship began in commitment, it should continue. The idea of commitment shouldn’t only be thought of during infidelity or divorce, but also in nurturing your relationship. Be committed to your relationship goals. Stay committed to being attentive, stay committed to showing physical affection, and planning date nights. Always be committed to nurturing your relationship.

Don’t assume that falling out of love means that it’s time to end the relationship. In relationships (especially relationships in trouble), falling out of love is very common. It’s critical to remember that at the beginning of your relationship, there were certain actions, made by both you and your partner, that caused you to fall in love. The same is true for falling back in love. The only difference is that now, you must be more deliberate and intentional. You must work to keep your love alive.

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