Pt 2- Questions to Ask Before Getting Serious in a relationship

In our last blog, we discussed questions to ask your love interest before entering a serious relationship. This week, we’re focusing on more questions to ask and the importance of each one.

Monogamy ?

No matter how strong your desire is to be with the person you’re dating, never assume that monogamy is a given. Be sure that you and your partner are on the same page by asking them how they feel about commitment and exclusivity. This question could save you from a future disappointment  & confusion.

What Are Your Long Term Plans for the Future?

While some people have amazing personalities and are capable of having great conversations, they might not be interested in anything more than a casual relationship. As great as the person you’re dating may seem, before taking your relationship to the next level, it’s imperative that you know for sure whether they want a future with you.

Relationship Deal-Breaker for You?

Many people have relationship deal breakers. For some, it might be cheating or domestic abuse. For others, it could be a certain amount of weight gain, being (or not being) of a certain religion/faith, or having certain political views. Find out if you can agree with their deal breakers and if they can with yours.

In a new relationship, being practical and having these discussions can feel so unromantic, however, it’s necessary. Even if you’re afraid the person’s answers won’t align with yours, it’s important to ask. These discussions will propel you to make decisions that can lead to the life you really desire. After having this conversation with your love interest, you must take one of these two steps.

 #1- Decide to save yourself from what could be a huge disappointment in the future, by ending the romantic relationship. This will free up your mind and heart for someone that’s better for you.   

Or #2- Continue a great relationship with your awesome individual, with much more confidence in your foundation and compatibility.

New love can feel exciting and refreshing. Perhaps you’re considering entering a serious relationship, as it may seem like the next logical step. While there’s no harm in recognizing your feelings, it’s important to ask your love interest these questions before fully jumping in.

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