Self-Love -pt 2

Sometimes, we’re too focused on own our faults and other times, we’re too focused on other people. It’s good to think about others and to be honest about our own mistakes so that we learn from them, but a proper balance is so necessary for a healthy you. Never be so distracted that you forget about loving yourself. Last week, we began the topic of self-love. This week, we’re continuing the topic by giving more examples of ways to love yourself.

Enjoy your own company

Too often do people only have fun when others are around, but you can have fun by yourself. You can take yourself out on dates, enjoy your favorite show and a snack at home alone, take trips by yourself, & you can even find new things to try. These activities can teach you so much about yourself.

Trust Your Self

Imagine how confident you feel when someone trusts you and how much closer to them and happier you are with them. Now, imagine how distant, maybe even hopeless, you feel when someone close to you doesn’t trust you. This is exactly how it feels when you don’t trust yourself. You feel insecure about your decision-making skills and not quite in tune with your intuition. Trusting yourself is a good way to show self-love. Often times, we know exactly what’s right, but we allow self-doubt to creep in. We also usually know what’s best for ourselves. Follow your instincts and stand confident in your decisions.

Take Care Of Yourself

When you love something or someone, you take care of it/them. You should do the same with yourself. Taking care of yourself is a great way to practice self-love. You can practice self-love by eating well, exercising, having proper sleep, and having healthy social interactions.

Keep A Journal

There are so many benefits to keeping a journal. A journal can help to keep your thoughts organized, it can boost memory, and can help you self-reflect. Writing in your journal can be one of those activities you do right before bed to relax and whine down because it relieves stress. Keeping a journal is also a great way to monitor your life. You can write down your goals, write down your daily eating, and even write down every week something about yourself that you like. The latter may take some time getting used to, especially for people that don’t often focus on the positives about themselves. Every week, you can write down something positive about yourself and focus on that thing for the week. It can be a physical trait or an accomplishment. Sometimes we tend to follow the crowd & put value only on the things that society says is valuable. For example, teeth structure, hair texture, skin tone, body type, certain jobs, abilities, interests, or social status…but what if you don’t mirror society’s beauty standards and you’re just fine with that? What if the things about you that were made fun of, you don’t actually hate? What if you’re really content with your working middle-class life? It’s okay to love every inch of yourself-even if others don’t (you’ll find that many of those people don’t truly love their own selves anyway). You can focus on those things about yourself and write them down every week…physical traits, accomplishments…etc.

Don’t allow your insecurities to make you believe they’re small or insignificant.You will always be around yourself. Why not learn to like you? Self-love is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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