The Importance Of Knowing Your Partner’s Love Language

Relationships are beautiful but they take a lot of work to maintain. What makes it harder is when you and your partner feel as if you’re speaking different languages.  If this persists, it can ultimately create distance between you and your loved one. Hence the importance of knowing their love language. No matter how loudly you speak or how well you express yourself to your partner, all of your attempts may fall on deaf ears, if you aren’t speaking your partner’s love language.

In a nutshell, love languages are five ways that people speak and understand/interpret emotional love. Love languages are a concept developed by Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor & author of the bestseller book, The 5 Love Languages. The concept is based on his anecdotal research from 30 years of marriage counseling. The 5  love languages are: Words of Affirmation – Gifts – Acts of Service – Quality time – & Physical touch

Through our love languages, we express love. The meaning of love is not the same to everyone.  Therefore, the action of love is different for everyone.  Knowing how to speak the love language of your partner is critical to a successful relationship. Understanding the love language of your partner bridges the gap of miscommunication and misinterpretation of intentions. It can also provide insight into what means the most to you and your partner… and also what can hurt you the most.  

A person can have more than one language, but the key is finding the most dominant one. 
Knowing and understanding love languages can drastically change your perspective on your partner, your family, & your friends. Take time to devote attention to your partner and your other loved ones. Be sure to consider their love language communicating with them, when expressing love to them, and even when conflicts arise. 

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