Things To Say On A Date

Figuring out what to say on a date can be tricky. How can you be yourself and still be accepted? How can you be just friendly enough without getting put in the friend zone? Is it okay to give compliments? How far can you take the compliments without seeming creepy? How much about yourself should you reveal? It’s all a delicate balancing act. Below are few things to say and do on a date to help keep your date night on the right track.

Compliment Their Look

If you like your date’s hair, clothes, or even facial features, let them know. It’s important to let your date know that you’re attracted to him/her because your date could be physically attracted to you also but too nervous to admit it. You admitting it first could encourage them to do the same. Anyone attracted to someone wants that someone to be attracted to them.
So, how do you compliment them without sounding creepy? Add the phrase “on you” at the end of your compliment. It makes it more specific. For example, “That dress looks beautiful on you.” Don’t hold back on the compliments out of fear of sounding creepy or too shallow. Just be mindful of the words you use. Remember, everyone wants to feel admired and reassured… especially from someone they like.

Say You’ll Call Them Back Later

For many people in the dating world, it’s not realistic to turn one’s phone completely off and focus solely on your date as if nothing else matters. You may have underage children or you could be the caregiver to your elderly parents and you’d need to be notified in case of an emergency. It’s okay to explain that to your date. Just be sure not to keep your phone faced up on the table. Many people find it to be rude.

Say Thank You

Be cordial to the waiters, the bartenders, and even the valet. Kindness is attractive, but don’t only limit your kindness to your date. Be cordial and kind to anyone you interact with on your date. Everyone deserves respect. Showing your date you believe that could be a major turn-on.

Plan To See Them Again

Sometime during your date, you may reach a high point in your conversation. The high point is typically about a shared interest or value that you both feel strongly about. Once you’ve reached that high point, you have found some similar interests or values. Express to them that you’d like to share that experience with them. This shows that you are truly interested in furthering the relationship.

Talk About Your Relationship With Family/friends

In case you were wondering, it’s okay to talk about your relationship with your family/friends on the first date. It reinforces the idea that you’re a caring person. Having a healthy relationship with your friends and family also shows that you’re capable of respecting and setting healthy boundaries and that you can balance your life.

Ask Follow-up Questions

What better way to show that you’re listening than to ask a follow-up question after your date says something? Follow up questions will keep the conversation flowing and show your date that you’re intrigued with them…which is very likely to get you another date with them. Just be sure not to interrogate them. Listen carefully to what your date says, ask questions based on their previous statements, engage with the conversation by offering your own experiences and insights, rush the conversation. Don’t be so afraid of the awkward pauses or having nothing else to talk about. Once you and your date start flowing and both enjoying the conversation, those awkward pauses could actually become cute little flirtatious glances that you share.

Dating should be fun. Be yourself and enjoy the process.

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