3 Unique Qualities to Bring to the Table (Other Than Looks & Money)

Modern day society equates finances and physical appearance with the quality of a person. Unless you’re living somewhere off the grid, it can be challenging to not be, somehow, affected by mainstream society. But there’s so much more to offer in a relationship besides good looks and a lot of money. Below are 3 unique qualities that you can bring to the table that’ll enrich your relationship.


Good looks are always a plus, there’s no denying that. However, possessing good looks doesn’t immediately equate to a strife-free relationship. Having a peaceful, strife-free relationship is important in order to grow together in a relationship. So, how does one bring peace of mind to a relationship?  To create peace in your relationship, you must first be at peace within yourself. How? By accepting your true self &  by enjoying and appreciating the present (rather than regretting the past and being stressed about the future). This, of course, is not to be in denial or ignore life’s issues. But rather, choosing to deal with the issues when it is time, and not being overwhelmed by then. It’s all a choice.


Vulnerability is the driving force of connection in any relationship. It’s impossible to connect without it. Too often is vulnerability seen as weakness. The word alone can conjure thoughts of possibly being hurt. But the choice of vulnerability is actually a very brave one.  It’s true that allowing ourselves to be vulnerable comes with opening ourselves up to judgment and disappointment, however, vulnerability is the key to having closer, more intimate, and ultimately more satisfying connections.


Being supportive can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Your version of support may be completely different than your partner’s, but one thing’s for sure…everyone wants to feel supported. For you or your partner, support might be sweet, motivating texts throughout the work day, or maybe even preparing dinner after a long, tiring day. For others, support might be an encouragement to keep goals and to follow their dreams.  Before immediately delving into “full support mode”, be sure to ask your partner what support looks like to them… or you might end up doing more damage than good.
 Remember…in a relationship, it’s better to focus on who you are, rather than what you have. 

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