4 Red Flags That May Indicate Your Partner Doesn’t Really Love You

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“I love you.”

These aren’t just words, but unfortunately for several reasons, they are used too loosely. Love is an action, not just an expression. Loving someone is showing them how deeply you care and appreciate them as a person. When you say you love someone, but don’t mean it or show it, you’re stripping those words of their true meaning.

If your partner has professed their true love for you, there are certain things that they should not be doing to show you that their words are genuine. These four examples are not actions of love, but rather control, codependency, inconsistency and more. Whether you’ve been together for six months or six years, these signs can tell you if your partner doesn’t love you, or doesn’t know how to love you.

  1. The relationship is more about what you can do for him/her. Your conversations focus on what’s going on with them and how they are feeling, but they are hardly ever considerate of your feeling. This can also be indicative of codependency in your relationship.
  2. Your partner is inconsistent with his/her feelings or treatment of you. They don’t stick to their word, and it is easy for them to lash out at you in a disrespectful manner. The perfect example is your partner expressing their love in a sweet moment, but getting aggressive within the next hour because they weren’t happy with something you did.
  3. Your partner belittles or insults you. You are supposed to feel special in the person you are in a relationship/marriage with. If your partner makes you feel any less than that, unfortunately, they don’t love you. Sometimes we can say hurtful things in the spur of the moment, especially during heated arguments. But if they continue to disrespect you or make you feel small, they are not mindful of your feelings.
  4. Your partner has unrealistic exceptions of you. No one is perfect, so it is unreasonable for anyone to expect their partner never to disappoint them. Dinner will burn, someone will be late, and things will be forgotten. But if your partner expects you never to miss a beat or to meet every one of his/her demands to a “T,” they are asking for too much and not accepting you as you are

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