Family Time: Not a Luxury, A Necessity

Sofia and Jordan. Miami Family Vacation, 2019

“It is not the quantity of time that you spend with someone that matters, it is the quality of the time.”-Unknown

As a busy wife, mother and therapist, I have developed an understanding of the importance of maintaining proper work/life balance.

Kristen Harding from My Family Care explains that spending quality time together is important – it helps our children feel a greater sense of confidence and security, it builds stronger family bonds and it is good for our own emotional health. We must remember that the amount of time spent together matters just as much as how that time together is used.

Let’s explore reasons why properly managing your work, in order to make time for your family can heal you.

Better Communication

When most families spend quality time together, they experience an increase in positive mood and a decrease in stress levels. According to Psychology Today, many teenagers report that dinner is the main time of the day when they comfortably communicate with their parents.

A Better Relationship

I am very intentional about spending quality time with my family and I’m always happy to see the outcome. Planned time together enhances friendship and love in your relationship. It is also a determining factor in your children’s development. Children benefit immeasurably by having parents who are happy and who enjoy each other as a couple. Make time for each other. It will change your relationship.

A Better Life

It has been proven that people who carve out quality time with family cope better with stress. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University found that people use their family and friends as a stress buffer, and with family, people prefer talking about their problems instead of seeking negative coping mechanisms.
Properly balancing your work and spending time with family may also lengthen your life. Having a good relationship with marital partners, and children aids in maintaining positive health.

Here are findings from a recent WebMD story:

“..The good news for parents is they can easily make positive changes at home, says Robert Pressman, PhD. He’s the director of research at the New England Center for Pediatric Psychology and the study’s lead author.

Have regular family dinners, for example. They tend to happen at expected times and include conversation and information sharing. Parents can also shift their own habits and parenting styles in response to the study’s findings.

“These are all things that parents can do to make a difference,” Pressman says. “I think it’s going to change everything in terms of how we are going to interact with patients,” he adds. “We have hard data now that we didn’t have before. As a clinician, I know that I will have a greater impact.”

Research proves that family relationships can have notable effects on one’s overall life and health.

If you need help learning how to manage your work and your life, in order to build a stronger bond with the people you love, get in touch with me.
I’ll make your life and your family resilient.

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