Financial Red Flags in a Relationship

Let’s be honest, no matter how sexy you find your partner, there’s nothing sexy about financial irresponsibility.

It can be difficult to spot an issue when you’re head over heels in love with your partner– but have no fear!  I’m here to help you spot the financial red flags.

We’ve all chosen to ignore certain red flags in relationships and some red flags may be easy to spot. Financial red flags, however,  can take much longer to recognize.

Below are a few behavioral patterns to look out for.

The False Achiever

If you’re an adult and you live in the United States, you probably have ( or have had) credit card debt. It’s common, like a right of passage to becoming an adult. A partner with a large amount of credit card debt, however probably wasn’t on your wish list. Having credit card debt isn’t necessarily a red flag.
Someone who has racked up credit card debt because of unnecessary shopping and living way above their means is different than someone who has incurred credit card debt from emergency spendings due to unplanned unemployment.

Difficulties Maintaining Employment

Anyone can lose a job just as fast as they gain one. Staff reduction, company-wide layoffs,  & company relocation are a few reasons for job loss. Losing a job on its own is not a red flag.  What’s important is the reason for the job loss. A red flag indicator is a person who constantly loses jobs for trivial reasons–reasons such as absenteeism, problems controlling ones’ temper, & chronic lateness are all red flags.


Lying can destroy the foundation of trust. If you find out that your partner is lying about their personal finances, you may feel angry, confused, and hurt. Remain as calm as possible during this conversation with your significant other. For many people, admitting a huge error is not always easy, especially when the other person is angry. Find out the reason for the lie in order to fully understand the gravity of the situation.
Discovering certain things about your partner can be very discouraging. Rather than immediately freaking out and running in the opposite direction, discuss financial matters and find out exactly why he/she is in the current state. This will help you to better understand the situation and give you more clarity on how to proceed.

Be vigilant. And above all else, keep an open mind and understanding heart.

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