Simple and Affordable Acts of Self Care to Make You Happier

When many people think self-care, shopping sprees, luxury getaways and weekly massages are often top of mind. And yes, while a little retail therapy is a good way to treat yourself for being awesome and working so hard, there are many other forms of self-care.

One of the first statements my clients make when I suggest self-care is that they can’t afford it, whether they’re dishing out time or money. But I’m going to tell you something that may seem revolutionary—self-care doesn’t have to cost a thing. The options are endless when it comes to free and inexpensive ways to make sure you’re doing what you love and enjoy. As far as time goes, it’s all about our mindset and how we prioritize things.

Guilt can trick us into thinking that taking time for your self is selfish. You have kids, friends, work, bills—all types of things pulling you in different directions—but when you’re taking care of everything who is taking care of you? These relationships and responsibilities flourish more when you’re happy. It’s hard to work smart and efficiently when we’re feeling drained and out of it. Your kids and your partner thrive off of your happiness—it’s a domino effect. Being restful and fulfilling your passions make you a better person for your family, so don’t let society allow you to feel guilty about taking that long overdue nap or getting that massage.

Let’s get back to the affordability of self-care. These self-care ideas won’t cost you anything but a little time:

Soaking in a bubble bath with soft, relaxing music

Read a book

Go for a walk

Diffusing essential oils

Have sex or masturbate (You’re literally taking care of yourself)

Watch a comedy


Have a lazy day

Go on a digital detox

Take a nap or get 8-9 hours of sleep at night

Have a girls/guys night


Drink water regularly

Keep a daily or weekly journal

Recite your positive affirmations


Date nights can be another form of self-care. Even though they involve you and your partner, if it makes you feel good, it still counts. These are some of my favorite affordable outdoor date night ideas that pretty much anyone can enjoy.

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