4 Ways to Introduce Masturbation in Your Relationship

When is the last time you masturbated in your relationship?

Sounds more like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? “Why would I help myself when someone can do it with me?”

Look at it this way: everyone needs me-time. Sure, you and your partner are now a dynamic duo, but who says either of you can’t go solo? Relationships have a tendency of making us forget about that me-time, whether you used to enjoy diving into a good book or exploring your own body.

Taking the self-guided tour is often reserved for singles who are in between relationships or couples who aren’t happy in their current one. But what about the happy couples—don’t they deserve to enjoy the thrill of it all?

Of course, they do.

Masturbation is fun; it’s a form of self-love and self-exploration. And including it in your relationship could bring you both closer together as a couple.

Go Solo

There are several reasons why people would masturbate without their partner present. You may have a higher libido and need a top up, or maybe your partner is away on a trip and you’re in the mood. In some cases, they may be in the other room and you just feel like you need some ‘alone time.’ Masturbation isn’t cheating and doesn’t hurt anyone, so you are free to roam your body as you please. Besides, knowing what you like and how you like it can help you guide your partner and increase the pleasure in the bedroom.

Imagine: you’re both laying face to face, eyes locked and occasionally roaming up and down your bodies

Go Solo Together

This is a very intimate act and can take your relationship to the next level. The vulnerability of it all can bring about increased appreciation for one another and help you both feel even more connected. Imagine: you’re both laying face to face, eyes locked and occasionally roaming up and down your bodies, while you both take care of yourselves. Can’t wait to try it, can you?

Buy Toys Together

Pick out a few fun toys you are both comfortable with and open to trying. The experience alone is exciting and can work as foreplay for what’s about to come. When you go home, you can choose to play with them together or watch one another play with them separately.


Take your partner to the School of You. Put on a show to demonstrate how you like to be touched. Be sure to include your favorite moves that they often make on your body to assure them that your regular intercourse is a pleasurable experience. Introduce a few techniques that you’d like him/her to try. Some lesson planning may be involved to prepare for your class, but it will be so worth it. And if your partner has a role-playing fantasy, this would be a good opportunity to pull out a pair of glasses and a button down.

If you’re still feeling a little uneasy about you and your partner self-indulging, communication is the best place to start. Have an open dialogue and find out how you both feel about embracing masturbation in your relationship.


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