9 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Type of Relationship

Valentines Day is kind of like grapefruit juice—either you love it, or the thought of it makes your face scrunch up in disgust. No, really; some people really hate Valentine’s Day. But either way, if you’re in a relationship and at least one of you starts eagerly counting down the days once January hits, chances are, you’re celebrating with the rest of the lovebirds.

I believe every couple can celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own way. And of course, we should be expressing love and passion all throughout the year, but this is a day for the world to celebrate the meaning of love. And when it comes to the romantic meaning of love, I have a few fun ideas for every stage of a couple’s relationship.

The New Relationship

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a new couple can be awkward, intimidating, and bursting with pressure. But it doesn’t have to be. I’d say the most important thing you can do with your new partner this Valentine’s Day is to communicate. Talk about your feelings towards the day and whether you’re nervous about it. Even if you aren’t, he/she may be. And if you both decide to keep it simple, I have a couple of ideas to help you avoid awkward moments throughout the night.

Stay in: Take the pressure off with a night off the town. Every restaurant and bar will be crawling with couples exchanging googly eye, holding hands and enjoying a romantic meal together. If you just started dating there’s no need to avoid one another on Valentine’s Day. Instead, make it a regular date night. Order takeout and binge a series you’ve never seen before. Or you can even make dinner together.   

Go on a group date: Don’t feel like staying in? Gather your friends and head out as a group instead. You both can still enjoy one another’s company without the pressure of planning a romance-filled night.

The Comfortable Relationship

Now let’s say you’ve been dating for over a year, you’ve both settled into your relationship, and you’re completely comfortable with romance and intimacy—what do you do? This is not the time to get too comfortable. Actually, there’s never a time to get too comfortable. Use this Valentine’s Day as a stepping stone to escape that comfort zone and shake up your relationship.

Try something new: Now’s the time to get out your bucket list and start ticking things off. Both of you each can plan something new for you both to try Valentine’s Day night. This can be anything from a food adventure to a new sexual experience. Just be mindful of what your partner may or may not be comfortable with.

Take a Staycation: You’d be surprised how many new experiences you can enjoy without going too far. Checking into an intimate Bed and Breakfast or a romantic cabin may be the getaway you’re both longing for. And many of these establishments will have packages and itineraries to help you get the most out of your stay. Embrace your new environment and maybe incorporate the idea of trying something new while you’re away. Plus there’s a lot more you can learn about your partner when you leave your city.

The Engaged Relationship

Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. But don’t worry; you don’t have to stress over the perfect Valentine’s Day plans. Take February 14th off and do something that helps you both release and relax. Focus on enjoying one another’s company and don’t allow the lists and budgets to overshadow your beautiful future that’s ahead. These date night ideas should help.

Enjoy a comedy show: Laughter truly is medicine. Turn that stress into happiness with the help of live comedy. Forget about the responsibilities and focus on the jokes of the night. Then you both can talk about that one joke that had you both in stitches over dinner. Warning: if the comedian is THAT good, there will be spontaneous bursts of laughter every time one of you remember a joke that night.

Hike to the perfect picnic Spot: Some fresh air and a little exercise can go a long way for both of your mental states. Pack a picnic basket and head to a spot with a breathtaking view. You both can enjoy the outdoors while dining on a decadent spread of wine, cheese, gourmet sandwiches, and dark chocolate dipped strawberries.

The Newly Wed Relationship

You’re still in your honeymoon stage, so romance is no issue for the both of you. But your plans can go beyond the societal norms of dinner and a carriage ride. Use your first Valentine’s Day to set the tone for your marriage with this idea.

Start a Tradition:It could be anything. Make this tradition special by incorporating your commonalities or focusing on your love for one another. Maybe you’ll both show love to your community together through volunteering. Or maybe you’d prefer to collect all the special quirks you love about each other and place them in a jar. You can open one each day or ever so often when you need a reminder of how much he/she loves you. These are good confidence boosters as well. (We all have our days.) Whatever you both come up with, make sure you’re having fun together.

The Seasoned Relationship

For the season couple who has been together for 10 years and counting, I have a few ideas to help you enjoy Valentine’s Day beyond your intimate dinner. Have fun with your romance with these game ideas.

Play sexy Simon Says: Take turns telling one another what you’d like the other person to do, with each command becoming more intense and the game progresses. “Simon says, kiss me for two minutes,” or, “Simon says to take off your shirt,” are good starting points. And in true Simon Says fashion, remember to follow the rules. If your partner messes up when you don’t say ‘Simon says,’ create ‘punishments’ for them. You could request a massage or get out of a chore. My favorite aspect of this game is that it teaches you both to really listen to one another.

Find the “X” that marks the spot: I can tell you right now that this is a fun one. Allow your partner to explore your body by kissing you until they find the place you’re thinking about. You can even give them a clue or guide them by saying when they’re hot and cold. The prize? Well by the time this foreplay-driven game is over, you both will feel like you’ve won.

I have just one more idea for the couples looking to intensify the intimacy. Learn how masturbation can draw you both closer in the bedroom and your relationship.

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